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Why work at Earthmover Credit Union?
You can get a ‘job’ anywhere. However, if you want a career with purpose, upward mobility, and plenty of benefits, Earthmover Credit Union is a great place to be. Unlike most financial institutions, Earthmover CU exists not to make money but to make our community prosperous. Established in 1958, Earthmover CU was created for a simple reason: so employees at the Caterpillar plant can have an alternative banking and financial option. We’ve long moved past a simple credit union with a few dozen members to a pillar of the community by giving back to our members, local charities, and our most important asset, our employees.
If you want more than a job and want to make a difference in the lives of our members, visit us at to learn more and apply.

Benefits of Becoming an Earthmover CU Employee

  • Paid Holidays*
  • Vacation Time/PTO
  • Performance Bonus
  • Health Insurance*
  • 401K Plan*
  • And much more!

*Applicable to Full-time Employees Only.

Earthmover CU currently has the following job opportunities available:

EOE  (Equal Opportunity Employer)