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Schedule of Service Charges

Schedule of Fees and Charges



Type of Charge Amount
Par Value

A par value is required to establish and maintain membership at the credit union.


Overdraft Services

Type of Charge Amount
Overdraft Transfer Fee (per each presentment)

Maximum overdraft transfer will be equal to the available shares at the time of the transfer.

Overdraft Payment Fee (per each presentment)

Created by checks, electronic transactions, or in-person withdrawals on the available balance.


Check and Electronic Debit Services

Type of Charge Amount
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (per item)

BillPay (online funds transfers)

Same Day Payment Fee (per item)

BillPay (online funds transfers)

Overnight Payment Fee (per item)

BillPay (online funds transfers)

Check Copy Fee (per check)

Applies to paid checks drawn off member’s checking and money market account(s).

Check Order Fee

Varies depending on style and customization. Deluxe Financial Services, Inc is the Credit Union’s Approved Check Printer. Quantities of 150 are available for checking accounts and 40 are available for money market account.

Foreign/Collection Item Deposit Fee*

Applies when a member deposits a foreign/collection item.

Non-Member Check Cashing Fee

Applies when a non-member of ECU visits an ECU branch location to cash an ECU check (share draft or cashier’s check)

Non-Sufficient Funds Fee (per each presentment)

Applies when checks drawn off ECU accounts and electronic debits are returned for non-sufficient funds.

Standard Transfer Fee (per item)

PopMoney (online funds transfers)

Next Day Transfer Fee (per item)

PopMoney (online funds transfers)

Stop Payment Fee (per item)

PopMoney (online funds transfers)

Returned Member Check Fee (per item)

Applies when a member deposits a check drawn on the member’s account at another financial institution and it is returned for non-sufficient funds.

Stop Payment Order (per item)

Applies to member checks and electronic payment orders.

Next Day Outbound Transfer Fee (per item)

TransferNow (online funds transfers)


Monetary Instruments and Wire Transfers

Type of Charge Amount
Cashier’s Check Fee (per check)

Minimum purchase amount of $1,000.00.

Copy of Paid Cashier’s/Corporate Check Fee (per check copy) $2.00
Domestic Wire Transfer Fee

Applies to outgoing wire transfers located in the United States.

International Wire Transfer Fee

Applies to outgoing wire transfers outside of the United States. ECU does not process incoming international wire transfers.

Money Order Purchase Fee

For purchase amounts between $1 and $1000.00.

Stop Payment Order Fee** (per item)

Applies to cashier’s and corporate checks.

VISA Gift Card Fee $3.00
VISA Travel Card Fee $5.00

Specific Account-Related Fees

Type of Charge Amount
Early Account Closure Fee

Applies if savings or money market accounts are closed within 90 days of opening.

Savings Account: Minimum Balance Fee (per month)

Applies when balance falls below the par value.

Money Market: Minimum Balance Fee (per month)

Applies when balance falls below $1500.00.

Checking Account: Minimum Balance Fee (per month)

Applies when balance falls below $99.00. Fee is waived for Exclusive Members.


ATM Cards and Debit Cards

Type of Charge Amount
ATM Card Fee

Applies to accounts with only a savings account. Fee is waived for Students and Senior Citizens.

ATM/Debit Card Replacement Fee (per ATM/debit card) $10.00
Debit Card International Service Assessment Fee

Applies to international transactions made in person and online/internet through a foreign merchant. The fee applies to merchant location, not member location.

1% of transaction total
Foreign ATM Transaction Fee

Transaction fee charged to members using non-Earthmover Credit Union owned ATM’s. Fee is waived on the first eight transactions for Exclusive Members.



Type of Charge Amount
Account Balancing and Research Fee (per hour)

This fee applies when assisting with balancing an account and/or researching items on account.

Bad Address Fee (per month)

Applies when correspondence (monthly/quarterly statements, notices, etc.) are mailed to address on account and returned as undeliverable or bad address.

Coin Machine Use Fee

Applies to members that process more than $500.00 per transaction (the 3% is charged on the amount over the $500.00).


Applies to non-members on the total amount processed.

3% of total amount


10% of total amount

Current Month Transaction History Fee

Request for account history before next statement is issued.

Escheat Fee (per account) $50.00
Foreign ATM Transaction (per withdrawal)

Surcharge applies to non-Earthmover Credit Union cards using Earthmover Credit Union-owned ATMs.

Inactive/Dormant Account Fee (per month)

Applies if no transactions for 18 months from last transaction, unless balance is more than $200 or the account type is a Dewey or Tip Account.

Payoff Request Fee

Applies to third-party creditors and title companies requesting a loan payoff.

Secretary of State Sticker Fee ECU Member $3.00
Secretary of State Sticker Fee ECU Non-Member $9.00
Statement Copy Fee (per month/quarter)

Statements are free when released at the beginning of each month/quarter for the preceding month/quarter. Fee applies when requesting additional copies of statements previously provided.

Subpoena/Search Warrant Processing Fee (per hour)

Charged to the law enforcement/government agency requesting the documents and information.

Tax Levy/Garnishment Processing Fee (per occurrence)

Charged to the agency requesting the documents and information.


*The member’s account will be credited for the estimated dollar value of the foreign/collection item at the time of deposit. A hold will be placed on the account for the estimated dollar value of the item until the foreign/collection item clears. At that time the member’s account will be adjusted to reflect the actual clearing value.

**Stop payment orders for cashier’s and corporate checks are not processed until the 91st calendar day after the issuance date of the cashier’s or corporate check.

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