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An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a tax deferred savings tool that can help you prepare for your retirement while enjoying the tax benefits today. Our IRA's have no monthly fees and dividends are paid monthly. Contributions may be made in "lump sums" or by regular deposits throughout the year to the IRA account. We offer a wide range of IRA investment options to meet your needs and help make your retirement dreams come true.

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Traditional IRA*

Offers tax deferred earnings and the opportunity to deduct contributions from your taxes.

Roth IRA*

Contributions are made after taxes, and therefore can be withdrawn at any time. Interest earned on the account is tax-free and can be withdrawn after a five-year holding period.

Coverdell Education IRA*

Tax-free, penalty-free withdrawals when the funds are withdrawn and applied to college expenses, primary education, or secondary education.

IRA Share Certificates**

Earn higher dividends with an IRA Share Certificate. IRA Share Certificates are available with a minimum deposit of $500. Higher yields are available for larger deposits and longer terms.

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* Consult your tax advisor for further information. ** IRA Share Certificates subject to ECU penalties upon early withdrawal. Please see ECU Truth in Savings Disclosure for details.

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Financial Foundations

Mobile and Online Banking

Explore how to use online and mobile banking securely to improve your financial habits and simplify daily financial tasks.

Taxes: The Basics

Understand why taxes are important, how to stay on top of your taxes, and the steps for filing so that you can avoid the stress of tax season.

Checking Accounts

Learn about the features, benefits, and functions of checking accounts.

Certificates of Deposit

Learn more about the benefits, potential risks, and the decision-making process for opening a CD to decide if this option is right for you.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Learn about the features, benefits, and different types of IRAs as tools for retirement savings.

Estate Planning

Explore the purpose of estate planning and how it can be used to secure your future.

Planning for Retirement

Explore retirement savings options to help you set aside money for your future financial security.

Wealth Transfer

Learn more about the ways wealth can be transferred.

Banca móvil y en línea

Analiza cómo utilizar la banca en línea y móvil de manera segura para mejorar tus hábitos financieros y simplificar las tareas financieras diarias.

Impuestos: Aspectos básicos

Comprende por qué los impuestos son importantes, cómo controlar tus impuestos y los pasos para la presentación, para poder evitar el estrés de la temporada de impuestos.

Cuentas corrientes

Conoce las características, los beneficios y las funciones de las cuentas corrientes.

Certificados de depósito

Obtén más información sobre los beneficios, riesgos potenciales y el proceso de toma de decisiones para abrir un CD y decidir si esta opción es adecuada para ti.

Cuentas Individuales de Retiro, IRA

Aprende sobre las características, beneficios y diferentes tipos de las IRA como herramientas para ahorrar para el retiro.

Planificación patrimonial

Explora el propósito de la planificación patrimonial y cómo se puede usar para proteger tu futuro.

Planificación para la jubilación

Analiza las opciones de ahorros para la jubilación que te ayudarán a ahorrar dinero para tu futura seguridad financiera.

Transferencia de patrimonio

Obtén más información sobre los modos de transferir patrimonio.

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Why choose Earthmover?

Earthmover Credit Union has been a part of the community for over 60 years. Our philosophy is "People Helping People" and we pride ourselves on helping you earn higher returns on savings accounts while saving you money on loan rates and service fees. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we work hard to provide the very best member service in the community. We hope you consider becoming a member and owner of Earthmover Credit Union!

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