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Pretzel Fundraiser

Lil Stevie with father

Earthmover's Earthgivers is starting a new fundraiser for Lil Stevie, 8, from Aurora. Recently, Lil Stevie and his father were involved in a very traumatic car accident. Unfortunately, Lil Stevie's father did not survive while Lil Stevie is requiring a series of surgeries the help him get better. To help Lil Stevie, all of Earthmover Credit Union's branches are selling pretzel rods for $1 each. Thanks in advance for your help.


2016 Year End Totals

Earthgivers is proud to announce that in 2016 the total charity funds raised totaled $15,316.51. Thanks to all of you! We continue to be successful with our charities due to you! Help us make 2017 just a successful! Stop by any of our locations or visit back here to see who we are raising money for!

Employee Jeans Donation Day

Earthmover employees are given the opportunity to wear jeans on Fridays and pay $3 for charity.Where does that money go to you ask?  Well, every month Earthgivers has a poll on Earthmover’s Facebook page and Earthmover’s website.  The poll consists of 3 local organizations that you vote for to win our donated money for the month!  Click HERE to cast your vote today!