Big News CountdownBig News Reveal

If you haven't already heard, we have big news for you!

We don't want to just say we appreciate our members' business; we want to show them. This year we will be returning a HALF a MILLION dollars back to our membership! That is right. A HALF a MILLION dollars will be going back to our members* as a thank you for their business. In March, we will be automatically crediting qualifying members' savings accounts with the loyalty reward earned.

How is this earned?

  1. Being a member with ECU in 2016
  2. Saving money with us
  3. Borrowing money from us
  4. Using your accounts regularly

That's it! Simple! The more money you SAVE with us earns you some money back. Any money you BORROW from us will earn you some money back. Having more products and services with Earthmover CU including a checking account, a business account, or an active Visa Credit Card also earns you a reward.

Want to know how to earn more? Here are some ways we may be able to reward you more:

  1. Do you have a mortgage elsewhere?
  2. Do you have credit card balances elsewhere?
  3. Do you have a vehicle loan elsewhere?
  4. Do you have saving balances elsewhere?
  5. Do you have your checking account with us?

Let Earthmover CU refinance your loans. We also have many saving and checking product options that will fit your needs. Help us to continue this year after year! Talk to us today.

This giving back is what makes credit unions a little different from other financial institutions. Because when you prosper, our community prospers. Help us share the news with your friends, coworkers, and neighbors because when we grow our members' rewards grow too! We look forward to continue servicing your financial needs. And again, thank you ECU members!

* For qualified members only. See a credit union representative for a full list of details.