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Be sure to Opt-In* as soon as possible to retain your current Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service on your checking account for ATM and everyday debit card transactions. After August 15, 2010 if we haven't received your Opt-In request, then your ATM and everyday debit card transactions will be declined if you do not have available funds in your checking account. This means that for any reason--buying lunch, purchasing gas, buying groceries--and you don't have available funds, your transaction will be declined.

You have a choice though! Opt-In! This service protects you in so many ways. Here are a few...

Courtesy Pay Overdraft Service Benefits:

May allow your debit card purchases to be approved when you do not have available funds in your checking account.

Allows you to make a purchase even if you cannot make a deposit or transfer money until a later day.

No Monthly Protection Fee
No cost to have the debit card coverage on your checking account and no fees if you never use it.

Safety Net
Covers you if you have an unexpected expense, such as having to tow your car.

Emergency Back-up
Allows you to use your debit card in case of an emergency, even if you don't have available money in your checking account.

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*Certain Restrictions Apply. Member must be in good standing. Member must be 21 years or older. This applies to checking accounts only. If used, we will charge you a $28.00 fee each time we pay an overdraft.