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What makes an Earthmover?

You tell us (and a friend) and we’ll reward you both with $63*.

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Defining our movement.

There is a shift taking place across the nation. One that demands honesty, transparency and up-front information from all, including your financial institution.

Since 1958, Earthmover has been a driver of this shift—moving people together into a supportive, mutually beneficial collective—defining and refining our role as a community stakeholder clearly and definitively along the way.

When your friends and members of your family are ready to become more than just an account number at a big box financial institution, let them know they’ve got options.

Be an Earthmover. 

Are you proud to be an Earthmover?

Share that benefit with a friend or family member we'll deposit $63 into your account and $63 into theirs*.

We've been breaking the mold of banking since 1958. It's a simple way of celebrating our roots in our community, while rewarding you at the same time. Like we say, it pays to be an Earthmover.

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