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Why become an Employer Partner?

Your Money Matters 

Earthmover Credit Union understands that YOUR money matters! For over 60 years we have provided our financial wellness program to over 250 employer partners with that in mind! Our partnership opportunity is available to local businesses to offer access to affordable financial products and services to help employees reach their financial goals. 

By aiding in the financial wellness of your employees through our benefit of membership, we are contributing to the improvement of your bottom line which makes you prosper as well as our community prosper.   That’s why we offer our financial wellness program at no cost to you!  

Your Bottom Line Matters

Your employees affect your bottom line, which makes them one of your biggest assets.   But did you know their personal finances can influence your bottom line as well?  Studies have shown the impact of neglecting financial wellness:

The Impact of Neglecting Financial Wellness

For Employees:

Of employees state financial matters cause the most stress1

1 in 3
Employees state personal finances are a distraction at work2

6 in 10
Employees stressed about their finances say their health is negatively impacted3

For Businesses:

$300 billion
is the cost of stress to US companies each year. Leading cause of stress: finances4

13 hours lost
per employee per month due to unproductivity from financial concerns5

more costly in healthcare expenses per employee per year who report high stress1

Sources: 1: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Financial Wellness at work, 2017; 2: PWC, 2017 Employee Financial Wellness Survey; 3: Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 2017 Workplace Benefits Report; 4: Benefits Pro, 2017; 5: Mercer, 2017 Inside Employees' Minds Financial Wellness Survey

But there's good news

Among HR Professionals who indicated their organization provides financial education, 72% reported the financial education initiative has been somewhat or very effective in improving their employee’s financial wellness.  Here are what the experts are saying:

81% of workers say fewer personal financial issues would positively impact their work productivity.

80% of employees say a financial wellness plan is important to their household.

Financial education in the workplace suggests that a financially capable workforce is more satisfied, more engaged and more productive for their employers!

Financial Wellness in your workplace

When employers offer proactive opportunities and create awareness of fiscal health, it can influence behavior. The greater the influence, the greater the participation and the greater impact you have on your overall employee financial health. 

Set yourself apart by becoming an employer partner with ECU, where we will do all the heavy lifting, at no cost to you, with rewarding benefits to both you and your employees.  Their money matters, and our goal is to have your employees:

  • Have control over day-to-day, month-to-month finances
  •  Have the capacity to absorb a financial shock
  •  Are on track to meet his or her financial goals
  • Have the financial freedom to make the choices that allow one to enjoy life

My Employer financial wellness program has helped me*:

Prepare for retirement47%
Get my spending under control29%
Pay off debt29%
Save more for major goals (purchases, home, education)29%
Better manage my investment/asset allocation29%
Better manage healthcare expenses/save for future expenses18%
None of these6%

*Employees could choose as many answers as possible.
PwC's 8th annual Employee Financial Wellness Survey - June 2019

We will do this by offering:

  • Low-rate Loan Products
  • Higher than average dividends for savings, CD's and money markets
  • Guaranteed savings accounts
  • Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction available
  • Free financial wellness check to find areas of improvement
  • Free financial education resources

What will your program look like: 

  •  New Hire Orientation material
  • On-Site employee events (or mobile branch service)
  • Personalized service dedicated to the needs of your Human Resources
  • Complimentary Financial Wellness Workshops on site or at our headquarters. 
  • Participation in benefit fairs 
  • Exclusive promotions 
  • Financial counseling
  • Online education resources
  • Annual Wellness survey to measure employee improvements

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Why choose Earthmover?

Earthmover Credit Union has been a part of the community for over 60 years. Our philosophy is "People Helping People" and we pride ourselves on helping you earn higher returns on savings accounts while saving you money on loan rates and service fees. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we work hard to provide the very best member service in the community. We hope you consider becoming a member and owner of Earthmover Credit Union!

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