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While it’s been over two years in the making, our new brand more accurately reflects what we stand for as a forward-thinking financial institution that puts people over profits. Although you’ll immediately notice our new logo, bright colors and a tagline we stand by, what remains exactly the same is our core promise to you—our values and our mission.

Use this page as a guide to help you better understand what to expect with our new brand. We’re glad you’re here because we wouldn’t be without you.

Why did we decide to create a new brand?

Since our beginnings in 1958, hard work and a people-first mentality have taken us to where we are today. With this in mind, we knew that it was time for a refreshed look, as our existing brand no longer accurately represents the dynamic, forward-thinking financial institution we’ve become. 

Why did we decide to keep the name Earthmover?

Changing our name as part of this rebrand was certainly considered. But after speaking with our members, our staff and individuals in the community, the overwhelming feedback was that “Earthmover Credit Union” continues to hold value and trust. In fact, the name “Earthmover” effectively and powerfully represents our roots, as well as who we are and who we serve—now and well into the future.

Why is "With every move, a step forward." the new tagline, and what does it mean?

Those six words hold tremendous weight. They constantly remind us of our responsibility to help our members progress financially, in part by never becoming complacent or stagnant. From the good times to the tough times, Earthmover is by each member’s side to plan for their next step—whatever that might be. We invite you to let it serve as motivation for you to push forward, as well. Working together, every move can indeed be a step forward in your financial journey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Earthmover?

Sometimes it helps to look back in order to move forward.

For over 60 years, Earthmover Credit Union has been looking to the future while nodding to the past. It’s because of our strong foundations and community support that we can continue to offer incredible service, higher returns, and lower rates. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we work hard to keep these values in mind while helping you grow.

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